Monthly Template Kits #5: The Travel Template Kit

Gather around everyone, let’s start our tour of Elementor’s brand new travel template kit.

The travel industry is one of the best niches web designers can choose, and not just because it’s fun to travel!

The global online travel market was worth more than $629 billion in 2017. According to Google, the tours and activities sector is rapidly growing, and by next year it will be worth $183 billion.

It’s the perfect time for Elementor to release its tour agency kit. So pack your bags and check your passports… Here’s Elementor’s new template kit of the month!

There are many types of travel sites. It doesn’t matter if you’re building the next Airbnb site, or a page for your bed and breakfast — this kit is for you!

We built it to serve any type of travel site, including:

  • Small travel agency
  • Hotel, hostel or apartment booking sites
  • Travel and tour deal sites
  • Personal tour guides

Fasten your seatbelt, and enjoy a pleasant flight. Destination — template land!

15 Tailor-Made Pages & Elements That Make Up the Perfect Travel Website Template

A quick look at the website reveals an elegant travel site. The fonts are a perfect fit ini their subtle elegance, and the images compliment the style and atmosphere of the site. Each and every page and element has been edited to be fully responsive and look perfect on any device.

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